Asian Style Carriers

Asian Style Carriers (ASCs) are carriers which are inspired by traditional Asian carriers. They are all made of a square or rectangular body panel with straps on the shoulders. They have a variety of ties and positions available. The most popular style ASC is the Mei Tai which fastens with ties around the waist, like an apron, and straps which go over the shoulders and across the back. Whilst they vary by brand, panel size, seat darts, padding etc they all fasten in the same way.

Mei Tais are suitable from newborn all the way to todders and can be worn on the front, hip or back and there are various tying methods for each so you can find the best method for you.

Other Asian style carriers, Podaegis, Onbuhimos, are similar in basic design but do not have waist straps and so tie slightly differently. ‘Half Buckles’ are carriers with a square or rectangular panel with buckles to secure the waist and mei tai straps to secure over the shoulder.

ASCs come with various options, padding, hoods and straps. Straps can either be padded, a narrower option with padding along part of the strap or wrap strap which are wider fabric straps which can offer extra support.





Can be used from birth to toddler

Can be shared easily between adults of different sizes/ shapes.

Various tying methods provide lots of options to suit many people.

They are quick to learn and comfortable for long periods.

They are quick to get baby up and can do front, back and hip carries.





Long straps can be confusing when tying when learning and can dangle on the ground.

Depending on the make of carrier, different sizes may be needed for younger or older children.

It is worth trying ASCs before purchase as different shaped carriers can fit differently.

Podaegis and Onbuhimos can be difficult for inexperienced baby wearers.



  Instructions: How To Tie a Mei Tai


These are the Asian Style Carriers in the Library:

Lenny Lamb Mei Tai (Standard):




Sugar Spice Baby Mei Tai (Standard):




HopTye Mei Tai (Standard):



Lenny Lamb Mei Tai (Toddler):