Ring Slings

Ring Slings are one shoulder carriers. They are a length of fabric with two rings sewn in to one end, the fabric is threaded through the rings to secure the carrier which creates an adjustable pocket for baby to be carried in. They are suitable for newborns up to toddlers although they can problematic for adults with back or hip problems.


Ring slings come in a variety of different styles and lengths. They usually range from approximately 1.85m – 2.3m. The method of securing the fabric to the rings can vary also, it is worth trying both gathered and pleated options to see which style suits your shape. There are also ring slings available with padding along the rails, for added comfort, although these have the potential to be less adjustable.

The rings that are used can be metal or plastic, preferable aluminium ‘sling rings’ which have been designed and tested specifically for carrying babies, they contain no welds or weak points.



Very quick and easy to use.

Less fabric which is less daunting to beginners.

The same carrier can be used from newborn to toddler.

Can work well for carrying two babies, when used in conjunction with another carrier.

Small so easily transported, will easily fit into a bag.




Quite a high learning curve, the high level of adjustability means they can be more complicated than they look.

One shoulder carry, limits movement on one.

One shoulder carry puts all of the weight on one shoulder.

No suitable for long periods of carrying.


Instructions: How to Tie a Ring Sling


These are the Ring Slings in the Library:


Ling Ling D’amour Ring Sling:

ring sling1   ring sling 2



Joy and Joe Shiver Me Paisley Ring Sling:






Firespiral Hyssop Festival Ring Sling: