Soft Structured Carriers

Soft Structured Carriers (SSC’s) are carriers which use buckles to secure them, they are not framed carriers. SSCs are square or rectangular body panel which is secured around the waist and over the shoulders with buckles. They usually have padding, of varying thicknesses and rigidity, around the waist which provides lumbar support. They also tend to have shoulder padding and a sleep hood/ rain hood.

SSCs are suitable for babies and toddlers but this is always dependant on the carrier.  Some are suitable from newborn although they may need an insert or to be adapted to make sure you have a safe, secure fit. They are suitable for all adults although they  all fit slightly differently so it’s best to try before you buy to make sure it is a comfortable fit.

Soft Structured Carriers come with many many different options and features. Each one is slightly different and this means that each one has a slightly different feel and how they feel is a very personal thing. It can be extremely hard to tell how one will fit before wearing it.


All are suitable for front carries and in many you are also able to back and hip carry.

They are quick to learn and use and have no dangling straps/ anything to tie.

They are quick to get baby in and out of.

Ergonomic SSCs are readily available to buy.

Come with many different features.

Some SSCs offer facing outwards positions.

Can be used, in conjunction with another carrier, if planning on carrying two children at once.

If correctly adjusted they can be used for long periods comfortably and supportively.

They are, in looks, most similar to high-street carriers, this often makes them more appealing to men.



The same carrier is rarely suitable for newborns an toddlers.

Can be fiddly or awkward to adjust and uncomfortable if not adjusted correctly.

If you do not have a full range of arm movement you may find them complicated.

It can be difficult to back carry, getting a nice high position.

It can be hard to find one which can be shared between parents, especially if you are of different sizes/ shapes/ heights.

Not all SSCs offer the same levels of support, both for adult and child.

They are best used from 3 – 4 months onwards. They require your baby to have god head control and place their legs around your waist.


These are the Soft Structured Carriers in the Library:

Connecta Firespiral Pannel Standard Size:

   connecta2 connecta3

Connecta Purple Standard Size:

image4[1] image5[1]

Sleepy Nico:

image6[1] image7[1]

Ergo (10th Anniversary Special Edition):

image  image

Lille Baby Complete: