Stretchy Wraps and Hybrids

Stretchy wraps are perfect for newborn babies. They are made of, approximately 4-5m long, jersey fabric, which makes them soft and can be pre-tied which means once tied, securely and correctly, baby can be taken in and out without having to retie the wrap.

Stretchy wraps and hybrids and hybrids have different methods of tying but they both result in the same carrying position. They offer excellent support for babie’s hips, back and head and they are incredibly supportive and comfortable for the wearer also.

Stretchy wraps and hybrids are excellent for newborns and small babies although they tend not to last until baby reaches one. Parents may find that the stretchy wrap provides less support the bigger the baby gets so when to stop using them is more dependent on the size of the baby and comfort levels for the wearer rather than the limitations of the carrier.




Can be shared easily between adults of very different sizes/ shapes.

Excellent for newborns or premature babies.

Once tied they are incredibly quick to use (baby can be taken in and out without having to retie)

Easy to wash.

If tied securely they are incredibly comfortable and ergonomic.




The length can make them daunting for new users.

The tails can drag on the floor if tying outside.

If not tied securely they may become uncomfortable.

May be hot in the summer.

Only suitable for 6-12 months.


These are the Stretchy Wraps and Hybrids in the Library:


Close Caboo Organic:

image1[1] image2[1]


Close Caboo NCT:





Cot 2 Tot Navy Stretchy Wrap:

image3[1] image4[1]


SnuggiWraps Purple Stretch Wrap: