Woven Wraps

Woven wraps are long lengths of woven fabric which are made for the purpose of wearing babies. They vary in size which enables many different carries and they are suitable for all sizes of people and babies. They range from 2m – 5.5m, the longer wraps offer multi-layered carries which offer support for long distances. The shorter wraps are great for quick carries and for babies which are walking and wanting to come up and down a lot.

Woven wraps are great for sharing between varying sized or shaped people. They are also suitable from newborn up to pre-school, or whenever you chose to end your babywearing journey.

Whilst they can seem daunting they offer the most versatility and flexibility of any carrier. They also come in various blends, all of change the properties of the wrap.

There is a huge variety in style and blend of woven wraps available, designs can be found to suit all tastes.



Woven wraps can be used from birth to pre-school.

A huge variety of carrying positions which can be used with limited mobility.

The most versatile and adaptable carrier.

Very comfortable for long periods and also very ergonomic for both baby and parent.

Shorter wraps can fold up very small to fit easily into a bag.




Lots of options, blends, brands, lengths can be off-putting.

Can be daunting to learn.

Lots of fabric so could tangle and potentially take more time to tie.

Steeper learning curve, not as simple to learn as other carriers.


These are the Woven Wraps in the Library:

Oscha Zhulin Evening Size 7:

image4[2] image3[2]



Firespiral Teaching Wrap Size 6:

teaching wrap1 teaching wrap2



Joy and Joe Fountain Of Love Size 6:

J&Jwrap1         J&Jwrap



Little Frog Fuscia Agate Size 6:




Girasol Symphuo Size 5:

image9[1] image8[2]



Firespiral Hyssop Kaleidoscope Size 4:

image9[1] image8[1]



Didymos Trageschule Size 2:



 In stock wraps: